Turkey Tail Plus - The World's First Turkey Tail Mushroom Gummies

$28.99 Regular price $18.99
Turkey Tail Plus - The World's First Turkey Tail Mushroom Gummies

Turkey Tail Plus - The World's First Turkey Tail Mushroom Gummies

$28.99 Regular price $18.99
Experience the world's first Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies! Lion's Mane Mushrooms have been clinically proven through numerous scientific studies to support brain health providing enhanced cognitive support and mental clarity. Additionally, Lion's Mane is one of the only known substances that produces "neuro-genesis" - the growing of brain cells.
We didn't stop at only Lion's Mane Mushrooms. In our Lion's Mane Plus Gummies are 3 other powerful ingredients for brain support and enhancing immune function: (1) Fisetin (2) Omega 3 (3) Black Elderberry Fisetin and Omega 3 are also clinically proven to provide support to overall brain and cognitive health. And Elderberry is one of the most powerful natural immune system boosters available.
Your Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies should arrive within just a couple of business days after you place your order. We encourage you to sign up for a subscription (either every 2 weeks or monthly), as that way you'll receive a constant flow of Lion's Mane Gummies without needing to think about re-ordering.


Introducing the world's first Turkey Tail mushroom gummy. Turkey Tail mushrooms have been used across the world to provide a vast range of benefits to people's health and wellness.  Until now, Turkey Tail mushrooms needed to be taken in powders, capsules, tinctures, or teas. With VitaShroom, we have now taken all the health benefits of Turkey Tail mushroom and offered it in a delicious fruit-flavored gummy.
  • Lion's Mane for cognitive support and immune boosting.
  • Fisetin for mental clarity and clearing brain fog.
  • Omega 3 for brain wellness and plasmalogen support.
  • Black elderberry for immune support.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies

People typically take Lion's Mane Mushroom in a capsule form or a powder or tincture. But the fact is...it doesn't taste very good.

So, we spent months working with gummy guru chefs to develop the first ever Lion's Mane Gummies.

We'll be the first to tell you that our first attempts didn't turn out very good. Yep...they looked (and almost tasted) like grainy chewy brown dog treats.

After many trials, we finally cracked the mushroom gummy code. And now we're excited to offer it to you.

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Super delicious tropical flavor

powerful brain support

All natural

lightening fast delivery

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Why people love our product

"Best brain support and it TASTES GREAT!!!"

This product is absolutely great! There was a significant difference with the first dosage. I am in the medical field and I have worked with many different combinations of supplements. This combination of Lion’s Mane and Fisetin has really improved my mental clarity and ability to recall quickly. I’ve taken the Lion’s Mane powders but the gummy’s seem to be absorbed into my bloodstream quicker and they taste great. VITASHROOM is onto something with the first Mushroom Gummies on the market. Thank You. -AES-

"It Really Works and It Tastes Great"

I not a big fan of taking capsules of anything, but I’m a huge fan of Lions Mane. Was very excited to have an alternative that I can chew. The effects of the gummies are subtle but definitely clear and evident. My memory and clarity have increased significantly and I just feel overall healthier. You can taste the all natural elderberry which is great for immunity. Lions mane and Fisetin are two of the leading supplements for cognition and memory recall, this is a great combo and I look forward to reporting back in six months... so far so great. -MITCHELL-

"Lion’s Mane Gummies promote brain health"

I was surprised how great tasting the Lion’s Mane Plus Gummies were. Senior citizens be not afraid, these gummies are soft and will not mess with your dental work. Because Alzheimer’s runs in my family, I was looking for a Lion’s Mane product that would promote brain health. I definitely found the product. -DENISE-